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  1. Aiken Electric Cooperative members could get a financial windfall just in time for Christmas. It’s from the settlement of a class-action lawsuit over a failed project at V.C. Summer Nuclear Generating Station in Fairfield County. The funds are being paid by Santee Cooper... (more)

  2. UGI Utilities' $20 million rate hike settlement, while slashing about three-fourths of the company’s initial request, also recognizes the havoc the coronavirus is causing on customers in the Lehigh Valley... (more)

  3. A $14 million settlement agreement in a class-action lawsuit alleging fraud and deceptive practices in marketing electric power to Maine customers is set for a final approval hearing in U.S. District Court on Wednesday, but the issue remains active before... (more)

  4. Frank Abagnale, the famous con man whose story was the basis of the movie “Catch Me If You Can,” once commented that technology won’t stop breaches. That could also be said of expense recovery – technology won’t stop businesses from being overcharged. The reasoning is basically the same. Technology may offer new tools for protection... (more)

  5. From drug formularies, presumption laws and opioids, to telemedicine, gig workers and more, the legal/regulatory landscape is always changing for the workers’ compensation industry. (more)

  6. GPS technology has been at the forefront of technological developments for the past decade. Following the innovations in the field, business industries quickly embraced the countless benefits of GPS-based... (more)

  7. Where flexibility at work can be a biggest asset for any employee, why wouldn’t there be immense attraction? Companies providing flexibility in the form of greater personal and professional control over the private lives and careers of their employees are most asked for ... (more)

  8. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, the largest health insurance provider in the state, expects to offer credits on health care policy premiums totaling $26.7 million across tens of thousands businesses and individuals by the end of this year. (more)

  9. Returns of big and bulky items are the castor oil of logistics. Retailers and manufacturers hate them because they have to refund the customer’s payment, pay to pick up the item, and then find something to do with it. Consumers are disappointed because an often-sizable... (more)